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The Fluffy Buffalo Inn is the official hotel of Morgrave University

and it's an absolute shithole

not helped by Dora pitching her tent right on the common room

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We're now loudly accusing the guard of being The Jerker, despite not being a tabaxi

People are staring as Dora screaming "JERKER NO JERKING"

(ps its named that because it makes its victims into jerky]

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The guard won't let us in to see the spinx 😠

We're instead discussing the bounty for The Jerker with the guard.

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Now we're going to chat with the Sphinx in Morgrave.

Dora's landmarks to find the Sphinx are: COURTYARD, GATE, HALL.

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We're now attempting to forcibly recruit the bouncer into our party?

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He eventually yeet'd the sorc out of the bar

now our paladin just picked up this massive warforged and tossed him out on his ass too

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I think I've upset the bouncer. I said he was like the metal guys building a community in Cyre.

He seemed interested, then I said we killed them all and he was a bit miffed lol

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An encounter was set up at Morgrave's pub, and we tried our absolute damnest to start a barfight and get this guy murdered by the bouncer.

There were many shennanigans involving the sorc's child corpse-puppet, sending stones, and psionic insults of the bouncer's penis size.

Despite our best efforts, we ONLY made him run from the building in tears,

so we have more work to do in Promoting Academic Integrity.

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I think I neglected to keep the thread going last week, so to recap:

We got to Sharn and found our contact at Morgrave. One of the researchers was willing to investigate the Oracle for us, but he needed "a favour".

It turns our he's been stalking one of the students and had this creepy file on her favorite things and daily schedule. Despite his "research", he needed some help landing a date.

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The has already gone completely off the rails with some Dora the Explorer theme remixes.

It's time. Drop the motherfuckin' bass.

Happy day, community!

also don't put final on your class thx

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"Thus [#Fingolfin] came alone to #Angband's gates, and he sounded his horn, and smote once more upon the brazen doors, and challenged #Morgoth to come forth to single combat. And Morgoth came.
... [Morgoth] issued forth clad in black armour; and he stood before the King like a tower, iron-crowned, and his vast shield, sable unblazoned, cast a shadow over him like a stormcloud. But Fingolfin gleamed beneath it as a star;"

—Quenta #Silmarillion, "Of the Ruin of Beleriand & the Fall of Fingolfin"

So we're at Morgrave university, and the researcher wants our help getting a date.

They've taken extensive notes on the person they're sexually harassing in the workplace and are asking us to spy on them.

We are probably the worst possible group to ask: deeply traumatized sorc with the corpse, big dragonman who only does violence, Dora the Explorer, and the owl guy that thinks saying hello involves stroking your stomach.

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The corpse of the paperboy has taken some of the wanted flyers.

Sorc will now puppet the corpse in its old profession: selling newspapers on the street.

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Uh. you want what.

(this follower immediately became extremely ill upon eating the poopfeast)

They are looking for somebody who kidnapped a child. They call him the Jerker, the Butcher of Sharn.

He turns his victims into jerky.

The guard also has not realized the corpse is actually a corpse.

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The first person we find asks if we have any children with us.

Sorc brought the paperboy's puppet-corpse with him, so

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