gw2 icebrood saga 

it’s beautiful that jormag and primordus died from spitting into each others’ mouths

gw2 icebrood saga 

When the tengu showed up looking for help, I lol'd.

When Lion's Arch was overrun and refugees fled in every direction, they were firing down on them to keep them away from the dominion of wind.

If cooking that tengu for dinner had been an option, I would have taken it.

gw2 icebrood saga 

I think it is absolutely delightful that Smodur just randomly gets put in a bodybag at the end of an annoying conversation

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this is the only chance i'll ever have to get the grapier let me dream

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GW2 icebrood saga, war crimes 

It doesn't even make sense that Rytlock is here like "wow I can't believe Smodur forced us to do that this is evil"

bud, you were right next to me and watched me shrug and drop it down the shaft.

You should be pissed *AT ME* for that. Which would be way more interesting than both of us blaming "guy sitting ten miles away in his command bunker".

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GW2 icebrood saga, war crimes 

I don't like it when games pretend to give me agency and then pull it back the next moment.

I *decided* to drop a bomb down the ventilation shaft and kill everyone on the bunker.

I've got something like 100k kills in the Mists. I am not a nice person.

So why does my character immediately get mad that I did it? Why was I offered the choice if my character hated the idea so much?

Would be fine for Rytlock to be mad at me, but it was *my* decision and I made it.

"Two nations prepare for war as all eyes turn to sky blue" has me stumped though.

No idea what the significance of Sky Blue might be 😞

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Riding a bolt of steel north ... to make war on Karnath?

There's no lightning rail track that goes north-south through Cyre though.

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trying to figure out the meaning of the draconic prophecy OOC

"King in Green" is probably a reference to the king of Cyre, since their emblem was green.

Of course, he's super dead. So perhaps it could be the Lord of Blades?

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We broke the piano and some feet came out.

Called it there, as we rolled initiative on the fourth wave of zombies. But we might break the zombie thing.

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Druid: is an "armblade" a warforged thing? do you think that Jagged is the named of a warforged?

me, asking the grey dog warforged: eyyy i dont have an armblade but that doesn't make me any less of a warforged. not all warforged have an armblade. we don't all need it. it's not a question of adequacy. i've just never needed one. but maybe i'll have a smith forge one up for me, and then i'll have an armblade.

me, to druid: hmm, yes, warforged.

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We're discussing a plan of action.

The journal described how we can *reverse* the beacon calling the undead here.

But that seems annoying; we don't want zombies going everywhere.

I'm stumping for burning the house down to destroy the sigil powering the beacon.

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Cleric: can I do some kind of knowledge thing to figure this out

Me: Could do knowledge. But how about violence?


DM: OK. The rapier goes in. Nothing happens.

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The journal revealed that there's a necromantic beacon in this house raising zombies and calling them "home".

She's a necromancer doing research for karnath, which is the second one we've encountered. They really like making better zombies.

Anywho we're talking about how to fuck up the necromancy machine she built here ...

... and then we realized the "corpse" of the woman has no injuries and nobody can establish a cause of dea-

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crimes against humanity 

When my warlock was evil, I got a lot of mileage out of the skull.

Moooooooostly by handing it to children, who thought it was super cool.

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It was a nice necromancy tool. You could have it suck out somebody's life force with a command word, so long as they were in contact with it!

And re-allocate that life force into productive activities. Like animating zombies under my command.

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oh ho ho, the DM mentioned a crystal skull in this journal we took off a vomiting corpse

Is this my warlock-turned-paladin's favoritest relic from our Avernus campaign 👀

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