The time of the is upon us!

This is our forth session for the all-out battle of Salvation. We've been in combat for a month (irl), which is definitely a record.

Saal Dreadstroke and his team of elite assassins rode in to Salvation to take the artifact we found in Cyre: the Oracle of War.

We are not being particularly cooperative.

We just scored our first kill on one of the assassins, and have a second in a 4v1 that's about to turn into a 6v1.

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Several of the other assassins have been bloodied through hit-and-run actions.

A merchant freed the prisoners in Sheriff's (RIP) Sheriff Station, who engaged the metal snakeboi. They traded their lives to take about half his health bar off.

We are pretty much out of spell slots, wildshapes, and everything else.

I'm about to dodge into the NPC's office to use his bodyguards as meat shields, cuz I've only got 9 HP left.

I'm in the market, so once we get rid of this hellgnoll lass, I should be able to raid the empty stalls.

Belaluur was selling potions of healing, so there should be at least a few in her stall.

I am not a very friendly birbperson

I knew exactly what I was doing when I ran in here. Shybuck ate 5 piercing + 12 poison damage from the hellgnoll.

Druid being druid-y by equipping her pseudodragon with a healing potion

to fix the next person to go down!

Bard joined me in the office and got a fear effect on the hellgnoll to get it retreating

and now everyone if firing into their back as they flee

druid got the fuck out of dodge afterwards, since they are out of Stuff

and now the cavalry has shown up to try and save the hellgnoll

Second assassin is DOWN

That leaves Bo Rogan around 40% HP, Snekboi around 40% HP, and the enchanted armour at 100%.

Saal Dreadstroke has not left the train station.

The armour blew me up, but the pseudodragon fixed me up immediately with a clutch 10 on the healing potion roll.



ok we do not need snekboi involved. fuck, fuck, shit.


Bard: How bloody does his butthole look?

DM: uh he doesn't really have one, thankfully


DM: he's just kind of a glowy enchanted suit of armour. he does not poop.

Sorc using minor illusion to try to distract the snekboi about to murder our cleric.

AND IT WORKS! Cleric lives another turn!

Honestly it was a great way to buy time. We're one turn out from bringing down the enchanted armour in the little office!

Then we can focus fire snekboi.

Salvation's resident apothecary, Bertran Squall, was alerted to the situation by our druid as she flees the town.

Squall has sallied forth to apothocarry the team.


- [x] Ganji Saberhands
- [x] Yrgna Bloodfist
- [x] Indomitus
- [ ] Sardzarka (20%)
- [ ] Bo Rogan (40%)
- [ ] Saal Dreadstroke (100%, noncombatant at this time)

Snekboi has fled the market.

We have a moment of respite. Hopefully I can loot some potions of healing...

The druid has fled Salvation.

DM: Are you sure? There is actually some shit that will go down outside of the map...

Druid: can't be helped

Me, who saw some spoilers when googling an NPC that I thought was Lore Important and knows what is about to go down: 🤕

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